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  The safaris include
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· Park fees
· Airport transfers, if required
Our tours:
Lodge and tent safaris
Anderson's African Adventures' lodge and tent safaris are safaris by road, visiting the main wildlife areas of Tanzania. The accommodation is in lodges and tented camps while in the bush, and in hotels during stays in towns and cities. The standard ranges from tourist class to most select.

You and your travel companions travel in a private group, led by a driver-guide.

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Lobo Wildlife Lodge in Serengeti National Park.

Our itineraries
Anderson's offers various itineraries of different durations and different combinations of the best parks in northern, southern or western Tanzania.

They are planned to allow for safe travelling and for plenty of game viewing. The itineraries include all local services required for a complete safari tour, such as necessary airport transfers, accommodation, meals, safari vehicle, driver-guide, and park fees.

They are private tours - you and your party travel in a vehicle of your own, independent of other groups. Each safari is led by a Tanzanian driver-guide.

Lodge and tent safaris can be combined with other activities and destinations in the region, for example climbing Kilimanjaro or a week on the beaches of Zanzibar Island.

Tent in Tarangire River Camp in Tarangire National Park.

The lodges and camps
Lodges and tented camps offer hotel-like accommodation in the bush. The rooms in lodges are in buildings, for example bungalows, while the rooms in tented camps are in tents. Most rooms are doubles or twins, but singles, triples and family rooms are also often available.

The level of comfort starts from a tourist standard that includes private rooms/tents with normal beds, private bathrooms with hot showers, and meals served in restaurants. Other lodges and camps offer a high level of luxury.

Common facilities in lodges and tented camps are restaurants, bars, receptions and souvenir shops. Some have swimming pools, and some have observation decks or platforms for viewing game in the surrounding bush.

More about lodges and camps

The viewpoint in Seronera Wildlife Lodge in Serengeti National Park.
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