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About Anderson's:
Meet the staff
Anderson's African Adventures employs a large staff, manning offices, workshops, support and service teams, mobile camps, and safari vehicles. Our staff includes managers, mechanics, driver-guides, accountants, tailors, watchmen, foremen and more.

The main areas of our operation are presented below, together with some of our staff members responsible for keeping our clients enjoying the savannah wildlife, strolling the beaches of the Indian Ocean, and scaling the highest peaks of Africa.

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Director and owner
Christer Andersson was born and raised in Tanzania and has operated tour companies in East and South Africa for 20+ years.
Christer Andersson
Director and owner
He founded Anderson's African Adventures in 1986, and has since developed the company into an organization with a large and modern fleet of safari and support vehicles, competent and experienced staff, it's own camps, and a good name in the safari and tour industries. The most recent additions to the operation are our new headquarters in Kisongo and the luxury Anderson's mobile camps.

Today Christer lives in Arusha with his family, managing the Anderson's headquarters and further developing the company.

Main office in Anderson's headquarters.
The office
Anderson's headquarters in Kisongo just outside Arusha has workshops, large parking lots for safari and supply vehicles, and a supply depot. Here is also the company's main office.
Irean Braganza Administration Manager
Eric Kimangano
Bahati Mkilindi
The office is managed by Irean Braganza, who started working for the company back in 1995. She is the administration Manager and the "spider in the web" with a long experience. She handles the variety of administrative tasks required for operating safaris and other types of tours.

Your first contact
Our staff members responsible for sales, planning and reservations are usually our clients' first contact with Anderson's. Requests on itineraries, services and tour prices require swift replies, as do booking from our agents abroad. Intense activity and much knowledge may be required for example in response to requests on complex tailored safaris.

Tour administration
A booking takes many administrative steps before the tour can begin. Confirmations are sent to you, lodges, hotels and others. Vouchers for accommodation, activities such as balloon safaris, domestic flights, etc are prepared, and park fees for visiting the national parks are paid.

Planning is required for vehicle availability, maintenance, fuel and drivers. Tours with our mobile camps require much additional planning, as they are self-supporting and operated by a number of staff menbers.

The office ensures that you are met in the airport on arrival, and is ready to handle any consequences from delayed flights or luggage. Should your return flight need re-confirming, this is taken care of for you.

Accounting and maintenance
Other office staff members handle accounting and book-keeping, salaries and other internal administration. Maintenance staff keeps the office operational, including the generator that powers computers and other office equipment during the power failures that are still frequent in Tanzania.

Landcruiser maintenance in the workshop.
The workshop
Even though you may not get to actually see it, the workshop in Anderson's headquarters is an important link in your safari with us. This is where your safari vehicle went after its previous tour into the bush, for a thorough checkup, for routine maintenance and for correcting any issues reported by its driver-guide.
Freddy Simbeye
Workshop Foreman/
Chief Mechanic
Goodlisten Shayo
The workshop staff, led by foreman Freddy Simbeye, makes sure that the vehicle is ready to be signed out and headed for the bush again in time for your arrival.

All parts needs checking
The bush roads, dust and heat are tough on the safari vehicles. Everything from tyres and shock absorbers to oil filters and generators needs checking. Even the communications radio may shake loose.

The workshop
The workshop is located withing the headquarter premises, next to sheltered parking lots for the fleet of safari and service vehicles.

Besides the tools required for working on the vehicles, the workshop has greasing pits, welding sets and a spare parts depot. A tailor is at hand should seat covers or other textiles need to be repaired or replaced.

Ready to go
On the day of your arrival, your vehicle is filled up, cleaned inside and washed. After a final run-through of the equipment checklist, to confirm that safety equipment, drinking water, wildlife reference books etc are all there, your safari vehicle is ready to go.

Driver-guide game driving in Serengeti National Park.
Guides and other field staff
The group within Anderson's that has the most direct and intense contact with our clients are the driver-guides. They travel with our clients throughout the safaris, sharing the happenings of the day and sharing their knowledge of the wildlife, culture and the African nature.
It is not uncommon for clients and driver-guides to form good friendships during the week or more that they spend together in the bush.

Reliable guides
Anderson's driver-guides are experienced drivers. They know how to handle their vehicles, both on poor bush roads and in a workshop, and have private interests in the wildlife, the flora, the birds and other aspects of the African wilderness. They are reliable guides that have much to show you in the bush and much to tell you along the road.

Safety before speed
Anderson's driver-guides are supposed not to speed, but to prioritize safety and comfort. They are instructed not to exceed 80 km/h (50 mph). The itineraries are planned accordingly, allowing for unhurried progress, breaks when needed and unexpected events.

Other field staff
Other staff that you may meet in the field include our camp staff and chefs, if staying in out mobile camps, and our mobile mechanics, should your vehicle need service or maintenance while in the bush.

Lembris, driver-guide, in Serengeti National Park.
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